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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

My Mandarin

Well believe me when I say that I have no grandiose ideas that I will be speaking Mandarin anytime soon, however I am going to do my best to learn some basic words and phrases. Everyone has to start somewhere and I am starting at the beginning. Next Monday my niece and I are joining a parent/child class and then on Wednesdays I will go to an adult class as well. Culture and language are so inextricably related and I would love for my daughter to learn Chinese. If money were no object I would see to it that she went to a Chinese preschool. Anyway, I wanted to share about these fantastic Follow Jade DVD's. I watched one the other day and was so encouraged that I really can learn some simple things. They are great because you see the words in Pinyin and hear them repeated. She uses songs and games to reinforce. Although these are for children, and I bought them for my daughter, I am excited about using them for myself. I also bought the companion "Let's Go To Market in China". They are on sale right now as a set at Culture for Kids. Posted by Picasa