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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Babies R Us

Around the time I sent my documents to China I went to Babies R Us for the first time ever. I wanted to celebrate by shopping a little. About an hour later I walked out of there dazed and in a fog, overwhelmed by all the items they carry. As I left I had realized I had purchased one three dollar bib and that's all I had to show for my efforts. I didn't return until I went to buy a shower gift for a friend, and even with a registry to walk around with I was still pretty baffled by the choices. Fortunately my dear niece has been telling me that she would go with me and help. We finally had the chance to go recently and let me tell you, help she did. She's 10 yrs. old and loves to help with babies and children (Yay for me and the baby!). As we started to look at items I would scan the first thing I looked at and a few minutes later she would show me a few more choices that were 10x better than what I had found. I pretty much had to let her take over because she really knew all about this stuff. She kept telling me "Auntie, the babies love this, trust me, I know!" She was so cute and made it so fun. I still couldn't do it all, we just made a start, but without her I would have wandered out with nothing again. I am so thankful for my sweet niece, whose sharp wits help me and whose delightful personality makes everything so enjoyable.


  • At 4:04 PM, Blogger Joannah said…

    I love Babies R Us, but I've found that Bergstrom's in Irvine or Anaheim is even more amazing. If you're ever down in OC, I'll go with you! I went there last week with my mom and my grandmother. We had a great time. Anyway, I, too, have a ten year old niece who loves to shop. She calls me Auntie, too. I love that, don't you?



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